Chinese Department
Song Lingli

Teaching-research Office: Chinese

Native Place: Sichuan Province/Chengdu City/Dujiangyan City

Final Graduation School: Sichuan University Graduation Major: Applied Linguistics

Teacher's Remarks: Language is glass, perhaps frosted glass; language is a mirror, maybe a distorting mirror. Language is full of magic. Let's unveil its magic veil.

Teacher Profile

From 1993 - 2000, he studied in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, and pursued a bachelor's degree in Chinese Language and Literature and a master's degree in Modern Chinese Language; In July 2000, he carried out teaching work in Southwest Jiaotong University, and received a doctorate in the major of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Sichuan University in 2009.

♣ Research Fields

Chinese Dialectology, Minority Languages in Western Sichuan and Language Contact and Language Variation


♣ Enrollment Major

Enrollment Type


Major Code

Major Name

Major Type

Major Direction




International Education of Chinese Language


00. No distinction between research directions




Chinese Language and Literature


01. Chinese Philology




Chinese Language and Literature


02. Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Note: the major of master's enrollment is filled out by the supervisor in person. Some teachers may not set it, but it does not mean that master's degree is not enrolled.


♣ Teaching Experience

College Chinese, Modern Chinese, Communicative Linguistics, Linguistic Investigation and Analysis, Outline of Dialectology, Phonetics, Introduction to Linguistics

♣ Major scientific research projects undertaken in recent years

1. A scientific and technological research project of the Ministry of Education, Investigation on Pujiang Dialect of Chinese Language Resources Protection Project; 2. A scientific and technological research project of the Ministry of Education, Study on Guiqiong Language in Chinese Language Resources Protection Project; 3. A general project at school level, Study on Variation of Hakka Dialect in Chengdu and Construction of Audio Data; 4. A project of the National Social Science Fund of China, Rescue and Arrangement of Gesar of Guiqiong Tibetan in Western Sichuan and In-depth Study of Guiqiong Language; 5. A provincial and ministerial key project, Research on Newly Discovered Languages

♣ Published Monographs

1. 2020, monograph, Guiqiong Language in Kangding, Sichuan

2. 2011, monograph, A Study of Guiqiong Language

♣ Academic Exchanges

1. In 2018, Annual Meeting of Chinese Linguistics Society

2. In 2017, The Annual Meeting of Descriptive Linguistics Committee of Society of Chinese Minority Languages

3. In 2017, Sichuan Linguistics Society

4. In 2016, International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics

♣ Honors and Rewards

1. Sichuan Philosophy and Social Science Award (provincial and ministerial level, Third Prize, 2012)