Chinese Department
Wu Deli ​

Teaching-research Office: Modern and Contemporary Literature

Native Place: Jiangxi Province/Jiujiang City/Duchang County

Final Graduation School: Beijing Normal University

Graduation Major:Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature


Mailing Address: Graduate School of Southwest Jiaotong University, Western Park, Chengdu High-tech Zone, Sichuan Province

Teacher Profile

1988.91991.7 Duchang Normal School

1993.91995.7     Jiujiang University

1996.91998.7     Nanchang Normal University

2001.92004.7     Beijing Normal University (master)

2004.92007.7     Beijing Normal University (doctor)

♣ Research Fields

20th Century Chinese Literature Research; Novel and Film Reviews; Writing;

♣ Enrollment Major

Enrollment Type


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Chinese Language and Literature


05. Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

Note: the major of master's enrollment is filled out by the supervisor in person. Some teachers may not set it, but it does not mean that master's degree is not enrolled.

♣ Teaching Experience

Writing, Contemporary Literature and Cultural Criticism, Practical Writing; College Chinese, Special Study on Contemporary Chinese Writers

♣ Major scientific research projects undertaken in recent years

1. The project of the National Social Science Fund of China, Formation of Modern Chinese Short Stories

♣ Thesis Results

1. Wu Deli, Literary Narration of "Depressed Age", Modern Chinese Culture and Literature, 2015 ( CSSCI )

2. Wu Deli, Literary Narration in the Age of Passion, Modern Chinese Culture and Literature, 2013 ( CSSCI )

♣ Published Monographs

1. In 2019: monograph, Ideology in Contemporary Chinese Literature

2. In 2019: monograph, Writing (I)

♣ Other Achievements

1. In 2017: Second Prize of Sichuan Teaching Achievement Award