Chinese Department
Zhao Jing

Native Place: Sichuan Province

Final Graduation School: Fudan University

Graduation Major: Chinese Philology

Teacher's Remarks: life is limited, but knowledge is limitless.

Teacher Profile

Associate Professor of School of Humanities, Southwest Jiaotong University, Master's Supervisor of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics and International Education of Chinese Language; in 2004, she received the Doctor of Arts degree from Fudan University; in 2011, postdoctoral outbound in Sichuan University; chiefly specialized in Pragmatic Rhetoric, Social Linguistics, Applied Linguistics Research; she made academic visits and exchanges in the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.


♣ Research Fields

Research Fields: Pragmatic Rhetoric, Social Linguistics, Applied Linguistics; chiefly specialized in the research of language ecology and language education at the moment.


♣ Enrollment Major

Enrollment Type


Major Code

Major Name

Major Type

Major Direction




International Education of Chinese Language


00. No distinction between research directions




Chinese Language and Literature


01. Chinese Philology




Chinese Language and Literature


02. Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Note: the major of master's enrollment is filled out by the supervisor in person. Some teachers may not set it, but it does not mean that master's degree is not enrolled.


♣ Teaching Experience

Modern Chinese, Social Linguistics, Communicative Linguistics, Monographic Research on Rhetoric, Cognitive and Functional Linguistics, etc.


♣ Major scientific research projects undertaken in recent years

1. A project of the National Social Science Fund of China, Study on Language Ecology and Language Education in the Area Around Gongga Mountain; 2. A research project of humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education, Research on Language Identity and Language Education in Kangqu District of Western Sichuan; 3. A provincial and ministerial key project, the sub-project "Integration of Chinese Literature Essence on the Northern Silk Road" of the Overview of the Main Items of Chinese Literature on the "Silk Road" (Five Volumes) (Chuan Xin Guang Fa [2016] No. 15)


♣ Published Monographs

1. In 2019: monograph, Huayang Guozhi Xi Nian Kao Xiao

2. In 2019: monograph, The Authoritative Version of 100 Classic Chinese Studies - a Series of New Translations·Huayang Guozhi

3. In 2018: monograph, Textual Research on Shu Language in Middle and Ancient Times

4. In 2017: compilation, Speech Theory and Practice

5. In 2013: monograph, Translation and Annotation of Huayang Guozhi (Revision)

6. In 2012: monograph, Research on Rhetoric in the Interdisciplinary Perspective

7. In 2010: compilation, New College Chinese Course

8. In 2008: monograph, A Study of Ancient Verdicts from the Perspective of Rhetoric

9. In 2007: monograph, Translation and Annotation of Huayang Guozhi

10. In 2004: compilation, Applied Writing

11. In 1998: compilation, Kangxi Dictionary (Punctuation and Collation)

12. In 1997: compilation, A Guide to Chinese Cultural Masterpieces

13. In 1996: monograph, Reading Analects of Confucius Today