Chinese Department
Zhou Minjia

Native Place: Liaoning Province/Benxi City

Final Graduation School: Jilin University

Graduation Major:Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

Teacher's Remarks: Virtue is the foundation of man.


Mailing Address: Graduate School of Southwest Jiaotong University, Western Park, Chengdu High-tech Zone, Sichuan Province

Teacher Profile

Bachelor of Arts degree from Central China Normal University, Master of Arts degree and Doctorate of Jilin University, Postdoctoral Degree in Literature from University of Macau and Postdoctoral Degree in Drama from Shanghai Theatre Academy; she is currently Associate Professor of Department of Chinese Language and Literature, School of Humanities, Southwest Jiaotong University; besides, she holds a concurrent post of invited editor of Contemporary Literary Criticism of Sichuan Writers Association.

She presided over 1 NSSFC youth project, engaged in 1 major national social science project, and participated in 1 national population and family planning commission project; besides, she presided over 2 school-level education reform projects and 1 basic scientific research business fee project of central universities; moreover, she published 1 monograph, engaged in compiling 2 monographs, and published nearly 30 academic papers in Modern Chinese Literature Studies, Contemporary Writers Review, Literature and Art Proof and other journals, including 15 15 CSSCI papers.

She was awarded the title of “Provincial Excellent Doctoral Dissertation”, the First Prize of the Comprehensive Evaluation of the Sixth National Exhibition and Evaluation of Aesthetic Education Achievements in Colleges and Universities, and the First Prize of Excellent Screenwriter; as one of the complete series of Golden Times Reader, Cultural Reader for the Elderly was selected as the recommended excellent publication of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and the Office of the National Working Committee on Aging in 2017.

♣ Research Fields

Chiefly engaged in the study of Chinese modern and contemporary novels and dramas.

♣ Enrollment Major

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Major Code

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Chinese Language and Literature


05.Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

Note: the major of master's enrollment is filled out by the supervisor in person. Some teachers may not set it, but it does not mean that master's degree is not enrolled.

♣ Admission Requirements

Candidates whose undergraduate colleges are 211 colleges (and above) and major in Chinese Language and Literature and Drama and Film and Television.

♣ Teaching Experience

Undergraduate: History of Modern Chinese Literature, History of Contemporary Chinese Literature, Special Study of Modern Chinese Writers' Works, Applied Writing, Drama Theory and Practice

Master: History of Chinese Contemporary Drama, Research on Special Topics of Regional Culture and Novels